A skilled worker on a drilling rig, usually an entry level position.
I was a ruffneck when I stared in the oilfield, but now I am a drilling consultant making $350,000 a year.
by ruffneck94 February 05, 2006
Top Definition
A thuggish, rough street smart type guy. Heard in New York a lot.
That dude in the timbs and baggy jeans, smoking weed looked like a ruffneck.
by MesmerizeMe March 02, 2004
1) Offshore oil rig worker. Mainly based out of Lousiana.
The roughnecks are coming in for hurricane season.
by Human Dictionary February 24, 2004
One who seeks confrontation without seeking knowledge. A "ruffneck" usually fights dirty and often
Are you down to ride? We bout to pay back some ruffnecks from da club the other night
by J.D. February 25, 2004
a person that is quite rowdy.
quit being such a ruffneck or i will show you what for.
by Shadow of a Man February 24, 2004
1)bad-ass, thinks they are tough
1)He thought he was a ruffneck but really he was a pansy.
by Desiree February 21, 2004
1.A working class person, engaged in typically arduous manual labour.

2. A person, usually male, who has a violent and/or unpleasant kissing technique.
1." Harry is a ruffneck on an offshore drilling rig"

2."Steven is a real ruffneck - Tore out my damn extensions!"
by D F Stuckey February 18, 2004

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