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the act of getting durbz or a blow job during the playing of the video game call of duty modern warfare 2 (cod)
ay yo indy im gettin ruffles right now..... right on spleen!
by low key beast December 22, 2009
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Ruffle is a substitute for the internet phrase ROFL. ROFL as one word sounds a bit like ruffle. It's less annoying than internet-speak acronyms and can also have multiple uses.
That was so funny it made me ruffle.


I am ruffling right now.
by Jackie I May 26, 2005
poatato chips that give you the shits.
i ate those ruffles i gotta take a wild shit!
by bigmo April 12, 2005
The best kind of plain potato chips.

Ruffles are crunchy because they have the ripples on them.
Ruffles are a good potato chip to go with a lunch or a snack.
by PeaTearGriffin November 13, 2005
To destroy the smoothness or evilness of
To Disturb or vex
To stir up to form ripples

Daily ruffles can't be avoided
The wind ruffled the sand
by Praveen Chakravarthy D.G August 25, 2007
a cough/sneeze
Girl, cover up yo ruffles!
Don't ruffle on me please.
by Chance.aka.ImakeDissShitUp September 07, 2010
the new and improved rawfles or rofl/lol/LAWL
Hearing Tiny McPheerson laugh makes everyone want to RUFFLES.

Everytime i think of the game Smiles and Jolly I RUFFLES.
by nesicles January 15, 2011

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