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Comes from a Jamaican term meaning 'somebody that is trouble' - commonly used in England amongst young people
Often found 'jammin' in large groups for example outside Lewisham DLR), Smoking weed/cigerettes, chirpsing members of the opposite sex, acting 'bad'...Dont look at them the wrong way, you might get 'skanked'................But its ok...if a group of rudeboy/girl 's ever try say anything to you, just wait until you catch one of them slipping, and there not with their lil gang - all of a sudden there not such gangstas, ,more like snivveling little mummys boys/girls who keep there eyes to the ground and wont even look at you.
by nun ya - as in NUNYA BUZINEZZ September 10, 2005

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Adj. Someone who enjoys ska music. Usually associated with the checkered pattern. Also see skank and rudie
If you go to a Less Than Jake concert you'll see plenty of rude boys/girls.
by SkaQueen August 17, 2003
A boy or girl who walks around "bowling it" in their fake burberry trousers, Nike cap and "blingin" gold chains. The girls also wear large gold hoop earrings and tie their hair back so tight that their faces stretch. Known collectively as rudies.
See also: chav, townie, pikey, etc.
"Oi mate wot u fink ur lookin at yeh? Dont mess wiv me im WEL ARD."
by Sarah October 29, 2004