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1. trash, crap, junk, and the like

2. a clothing brand created by people with a lot of nerve (spiffarific, you!)
1. Get that rubbish out of this house mister, or i'll whop you with my spatula!
2. I have Rubbish shirts.
by miso November 27, 2003
84 33
another word for garbage
there is so much rubbish in this town
by big luke November 04, 2003
272 54
British terminology for "lies", etc; used to attempt to prove a spoken subject as contradictory.
"Democracy and humanitarianism have long been trademarks of the British Army."
-a scene from The Meaning of Life
by Dave June 15, 2004
245 67
trash, garbage, crap, waste,lies, bullshit
George Harrison said that the music of Oasis is "egotistical rubbish" and "just not very interesting". He's a Beatle, what do you expect he'd say about a Beatles wannabe band?
by Starpunk November 04, 2006
213 50
The UK meaning of bullshit.
Bob:I never did anything.

Jake: Yeah, rubbish.
by SolidSnake185 August 04, 2009
56 30
1. Crappy.
2. one of the original magic words.
3. A funny word.
"Lesk, you're mom was rubbish in bed last night."
by Johny the rabit March 26, 2003
60 45