The act of placing snuff in between ones lip and gum, then sucking on it, getting it in you teeth, spitting juice down your lip, and generally making yourself look like a total White Trash piece of feces.
I caught my girlfriend/sister rubbing my snuff the other day. I'll be danged if that doesn't make her look like an even sexier white trash hoopy slut.
by Handy Shizzle November 14, 2003
Top Definition
using a furniture edge to masturbate
"Rubbing feels soooo good. I need to do it again!"
by The Lisssssssa June 03, 2006
The act of rubbing. To rub an object firmly back and forth.
I clean the table by rubbing an old rag across it.
by imaguythatknowswhatwordsmean March 06, 2015
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