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To drive slowly by a car accident (or site having emergency vehicles) and turn the head to see anything gory.

This act exacerbates traffic delays.
Crews pulled the wreckage off the highway, but drivers continued to rubberneck and cause delays.
by AbnormalBoy April 16, 2004
1. A woman's breasts (titties)

2. Someone who hurts there own neck turning it too far and too much looking at a girl's rubbernecks
Damn, she has an amazing set of rubbernecks!
by lou-man October 02, 2003
A person who has to peek into other peoples conversations.
Person 1: Hey
Person 2: Did you hear what happened on Friday?
Person 1: What?
Rubberneck: (pokes head into conversation)
by asdf your face December 25, 2008
Wow, man check out the rubberneckson that chickie!
by lou September 30, 2003
To call somebodys name and then turn or cover your head and not saying anything. The person will yell what and then walk away clueless. its funny. U can also say something like excuse me, or u with the purse. Or be like yo asshole. There are endless possibilites. The person u are rubbernecking will be embarrassed and will have no idea what happened.
John and his friends: HEY Ashley (hides)

Ashley: what, what who called my name! what just happened.

John: (hides and says nothing)

Ashley: o whatever it must be me (walks away clueless)

John and friends: hahahahah she got rubbernecked
by rubberneckerwa April 03, 2010
oral sex
your girl gave me the rubber neck last night
by BLongfelow August 18, 2003
To self-fellate.
Kevin and Stephen stood in admiration, but not total surprise, when they caught Colin rubbernecking.
by Dunky Oggins January 02, 2004
A total numbnuts!

Slang for a person who has just committed or ready to commit an act of stupidity.
This whole traffic jam is becuase that numbnutted cop decided to stop someone for not using his blinker during rushour. What a freakin rubberneck!
by Rubbernck December 24, 2003

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