Rubber band man means a rubber you got on you the more rubers you got the more money u got on you like some ppl got 5 wich means around 5,000 dollers
Jon:Dam nigga look at that rubber band man
Tom:O D he got 5
by BaddS January 04, 2006
A man who can only perform sexually with a tight rubber band triple-wrapped round his cock to restrict blood-flow, whilst fantasising that he's a smurf shagging smurfette.
Rubberband man theme tune:

Gonna find me a rubber band,
Gonna wrap it round my chonson,
Gonna find that lil' smurfette,
And may her suck my big blue cock tonight!

Oh yeah! That's what I'm gonna do,
Cos I'm a crazy smurf with a big blue cock tonight!
That's what I am!
I'm not some weirdo with a rubber band wrapped round my cock, no!
I'm a friggin smurf!
Why won't anyone believe me?
by cheddarfloor April 23, 2005
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