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Any large ammount of money wrapped in a rubberband (The rubberband hold your money, like the bank does).
Gucci Mane ft Mac Bre-Z - Go Head
"Gucci in the club two rubberband banks,
smokin’ bubbakush and da shit just stank"

Young Dro - Rubberband Banks
by Marco "AmP" Restrepo July 12, 2006
Rubberband Bank is a fat knot of money that is so big that u need a lot of rubber bands to keep it together.
My Rubberband Bank is breaking I need some more rubberbands.
by Dat Dude From Da East Side November 14, 2006
Has absolutely nothing to do with the ammount of rubber bands. Is simply a wad of cash with a rubber band around it. These types of "Banks" are usually found in illegal transactions; i.e., drug trafficking. The term is also an oxymoron of sorts, because the terms "Rubber Band" and "Bank" imply drastically different levels of risk.
Don't worry Filbert, I got my Rubber Band Banks.
by Schlongmaster December 05, 2006
amount of money equal or greater $50,000 which is more than a G or stack
"Rubberband bank rolls, fifty thousand dollar cheddar knots"
T.I.- Urban Legend - Get Ya Shit Together ft Lil Kim

"Rubberband Banks boing yoing yoing yoing yoing"
Young Dro - Rubberband Banks
by Decatur Nigga May 01, 2006
Rolled up or folded bills so fat they require a rubberband to secure them. Wallets and money clips are too small.
"Ain't never ever gotta go in your wallet / long as I got rubberband banks in my pocket"
-She never has to pay, he's got the cash to take care of everything.
by liveithappy July 21, 2010
A condom.
Ya need to never ever gotta go to yo wallet
Long as I got rubberband banks in my pocket

He's saying as long as he can emit semen into you while wearing a condom, he will pay for whatever you want.
by Tee.Eye. May 10, 2010