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An old slackjawed whore.A promiscuous woman who engages in fornications with anyone who will consent,without a noticeable decrease in vaginal elasticity. A skank.

Examples:Paris Hilton
In Antiquity-Emperor Cladius' wife,Messalina, who screwed the entire senate of Rome in a contest with the most famous whore of the city to see who had the most stamina.(She won)
Her? She's been hanging out in this bar for years, a real old rubberhole....
by wonhunglo October 07, 2010
Derisive slang term for a person who displays flagrant bad manners, low class actions. While not technically a curse word, it's usage achieves the same effect without actually cursing and it does seem to manifest uncomfortable, awful mental pictures and connotations when heard for the first time. Similar to asshole, but is able to be used in public.
When driving in traffic, Lenny suddenly gets cut off by a rude motorist. He angrily yells "You rubber hole!" and his kids in the backseat understand that Lenny has shouted a bad word, but not sure if they should tell Mom.
by Lenny Gates January 04, 2008
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