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A Thing that you can flick and shoot at people. FUN For All!
Rubber Band Wars are t3h best!!!!!
by Qwertoman February 28, 2005
The tightest, smallest, most reveiling thong of them all.
"The girl has on a RUBBER BAND" screemed Chris as he jumped down the basement stairs.
by Chris M October 28, 2003
a thing you use to hold things such as posters on that circular shape while carrying it from one place to another
dude were is my rubber band
by Sarah June 05, 2004
1.rubber thingy that kool to fling at stuff
2.rubber thingy ganster put on the pant legs.
3.rubber thigy some basket ball player put on ther arm for good luck
homie put you pant leg down you not gangsta
by fat joe kill May 02, 2005
to ejaculate upon a women's face
"I'ma pop a rubber band on her.. on her"
by JRMonk May 13, 2006
Rubbberband is refrence to a Condom. Used to buy condoms at gas stations, ask for a pack of rubberbands.
The new Gucci Mane song... "Ima pop a rubberband on herrr"
by J Babbyyyy June 22, 2006
1) a pink rubber thingy.

2) a weapon of mass destruction.
1) Tie them up with this rubberband.

2) Don't flick that rubberband at me, you shit-eyed cock master!
by J Mizzle December 23, 2003