a band whose members include nothing but contortionists
yo that new bands a f@#$%^& rubber-band
by T.K May 13, 2008
stretchy bands that are used to hold things together
yo i got rubberbands to hold my bumper on
by BX!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! WHAT! April 12, 2005
Slang term used describe the act of punching an individual in the face and knocking their teeth out. May involve occasional bleeding and loss of consciousness.
im gona rubberband you
by muzzy129 September 29, 2010
A clear and obvious representation of "The Struggle", man. It is a symbol of give and take, and the recoiling effects of pressure.
"So why the rubber band? It representin' the struggle, man"
by Lavid Dincul July 13, 2004
when a guy comes in a condom, takes it off and flings it into the girls face
After Johnny finished bagning the shit out of Anastasia he rubber banded that bitch.
by thesickfucks March 29, 2008
a round rubber thingy with streachy properties, usually made of rubber. sometimes they are brown, sometimes they are blue, there have also been reports of red rubber bands, but i have never seen one myself.
"this rubber band is really hurting my penis."
by hash is brown November 13, 2003
Another acronym that submariner's use, similar to FTN and PAPERCLIP Used to display one's disgruntled, jaded attitude towards Big Navy's disregard for an individual's (mainly junior sailor's) well-being.

Stands for:

Khaki: What's with the rubberband?
Blueshirt: Oh this? Uhh... I didn't realize I still had it
Khaki: You've had it on your wrist for almost all of WestPac
Blueshirt: ...
by Dirty Blueshirt June 09, 2008

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