(1) cleaning -removing the funky film found on the surface of everything in the known universe!!, accomplished by repeated rubbing with some cleaner/s and/or abrasive.

(2) sex and pain relief -achieving satisfaction of one kind or another via rubbing; ie: rubbing ones' cock, clitoris, tits, back, feet, head, tubing...on and on...........

the college boy longed to give those pert tits a rub job

the charwoman did a rub job on king foolsley's toilet bowl

i did a rub job on my crank, till i had a geyser!

mark did a rub job on judy's feet
by michael foolsley December 22, 2009
Top Definition
when a girl massages or grabs a guy's penis and basically masturbates for him
i didnt want to go all the way so i gave my man a rub job
by Calixto November 12, 2005
A female aided orgasm (orgasms do not always occur from a rubjob), usualy performed with the hand. No "jerking" occurs during a rubjob; its just rubbing.
we started to feel each other up...before we fucked she gave me a rubjob.
by seymore buttz January 17, 2007
When a girl traps your cock between the bare soles of her feet and uses her left sole to immobilize the cock and hold it firmly in place, while she uses her right sole to rub your cock vertically-up and down, up and down-applying continuous pressure to the sweetspot on the underside of your shaft-til she makes you come, all over the soft, baresoles of her freshly pedicured, satiny-smooth, bare feet.
Steve: "'I know you're really into feet, did you get what you wanted from Cally last night?

Frank: "Yes, I did, as a matter of fact. Cally performed a rub job on me between her baby-soft, "feels-so-good" bare soles. And did she ever drain my balls and make me come!"
by ken208 October 22, 2015
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