An abbreiviation for an MMORPG called runescape . A Very cool game.
What's your RS Combat Level?
by Inquisitor911 February 14, 2005
Top Definition
RS is an abbreviation for Real Shit. It's a common saying when gangsters talk, or when some of us pretentious fags feel like a hood rat.
TJ: ayyy nigga! you got dat good shit bruh?
RayRay: yea my main man! RS bruh. real shit.

Tyler: Hey boss, did you get that Q3 sales report?
Richard: Yes I did. RS, expect a promotion in a few weeks.
by Seishaaa February 13, 2011
Portuguese equivalent of LOL, an internet acronym for "risos", literally meaning "laughs".
INSERT: Funnyness
by nic144 July 19, 2011
Abbreviation for Relationship. when ur a lazy Bitch who dnt like spelling words longer than five letters.
i don't feel like Spelling" Relationship " so I am going to Abbreviate it with "Rs".
by cookie love some poo noonie May 22, 2011
"Railroad Shitter": 1. a term used to refer to a person, usually East Indian, who is devoid of all indoor plumbing and must resort to using the adjacent railroad tracks to relieve their bowels.
<Scott> So Mark tells me that 50% of all people in India do not have indoor plumbing.
<Joel> Are you serious?!? What do they do when they need to take a shit?
<Scott> From what I hear, they typically take a shit on the railroad tracks.
<Scott/Joel> ... fucking shitters ...
by Duckhead May 31, 2013
Abberviation for RuneScape, the massive online Java-based gamed by Jagex. It is not gay.. its cool.
bob:im getting rs today when will you be on?

jane:probably tomorrow
by bobie November 18, 2004
If you searched for these 2 letters then you're more then likely looking for definitions of runescape.
Well, here you go.

1. RS-ing - the act of playing runescape
2. abbreviation to refer to runescape
I was playing RS all night the other day, and i realised...I've wasted my life following this gay ass game.
by Betterman February 25, 2005

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