In some MMORPGs, the term RR may be referred to as "reset" or "reborn". As soon as you reach the level cap, you can restart with the same character from a lower level, retaining some benefits.

This mostly applies to some private servers for certain MMORPGs, but there is at least one official game that does it - Mabinogi.
Mabinogi in-game chat among 2 players: How many RR do you have?
by eunusunt December 18, 2010
Top Definition
Short for "Roid Rage". A side effect of steroids.

Also referred to as the double R's.
"I have to stop doing steroids. This RR is killing me."
by T. E. W. May 30, 2008
Used in many 'live' online contexts, such as online gaming or chat, rr stands for restroom.
"brb, rr." indicating one must use the restroom and will return shortly.
by sirenantrael November 12, 2007
In many RTS games, rr stands for Real Rate. The rr is the avarage rate that the player has, but when he creates a new account, he loses his rate, even tho his rr is different.
client: I am around 1966.
by inv_ August 16, 2007
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Reply Required

Short abbreviated form "RR" used at end of emails to request the recipient to reply and confirm they received it.
Call Sammy Please


by CurryCurry August 30, 2007
River Rat; Used mostly in Texas Hold'em to describe someone who relies and catches a river card that allows him to win the hand.
You rr. You are sooo lucky to have caught that 7 to make the straight.
by Michael Fu. October 30, 2007
"Roid Rage"

Sometimes called the double Rs
Person 1: I have some serious RR right now.
Person 2: Maybe you should talk to someone about that

It's pretty self-explanatory.
by F. E. W. III May 30, 2008
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