a beautiful girl with brown curly hair, she's short but she's got a lot of potential. She has an amazing voice that can blow people away, and she's a great person to talk to about your problems. Don't forget her undoubtable kindess and .. beauty.
DANG HOMMIE, that girl is so ROZ, no wonder she's part of RPAN!
by osbourne February 05, 2005
Top Definition
To fail to recognize and/or understand a joke, particularly when everyone else around you gets it.
"I don't get it."
"Oh my god, you totally rozzed that joke."
by rozamint August 29, 2012
A small girl with brown hair and the most unbelievably cool eyes. She's shy, but once you get to know her you'll have a loyal friend for life. If you're ever lucky enough to meet a Roz don't waste the opportunity. Not to be confused with Ros
friend 1: "OMG I met a Roz!"
friend 2: "You're so lucky!"
friend 1: "I know right, she's a right mofo
by liliath grey February 20, 2014
R.O.Z. - Rupees Over Zelda, a lifestyle developed by Major League Gamers much like money over bitches.

When bypassing the main quest lines in an RPG just to focus on grinding out side quests, dungeons, and areas for money, loot and better equipment.
Yo man you gonna grind out that main quest line for the achievements?

Nah fuck that I'm R.O.Z. boy. I'm clearing every dungeon.
by Lazerstar January 28, 2012
a hot sexy mofo
a grrr;
Hey that gurls' Roz
by lilRAZ October 12, 2003
Shortened version of the name Rosalind. Could also apply to Rosamund, if people still name their kids that.
Peter: Hey, Cill? Where in the hell is Roz?
Priscilla: Oh, you mean, "Mz. Rosamund? She's upstairs, powdering her clit, I mean nose, excuse me."
by lawnmowerman January 01, 2005
A young, intelligent girl with longish brown, wavy hair and ocean blue eyes with freckles that would make the palest girl look tanned. Not too tall but her tallness and build makes her skin bag on her.
Roz the young Gryffindor who had made a admirer of Ron.
by Roz Gates July 05, 2004
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