Röyksopp (sometimes misspelt as 'Royksopp' or 'Røyksopp') is an electronic music duo based in Bergen, Norway composed of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Berge. The group formed officially in 1998 and released their debut album Melody A.M. in 2002.
Röyksopp is the best band ever!
by Sami Warner October 16, 2006
Top Definition
wordnordic band... took uk by storm. fuckin sweet.
royksopp is fuckin sweet because they are nordic and took the uk by storm.
by torvalds April 03, 2003
a norwegian band
the word translates directly to smokemushroom or indirectly to puffball
røyksopp is an amazing band.
by monsings December 29, 2008
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