in poker having a straight 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace all the same suit.

AKA wet dream
Fred almost wet himself when he was dealt the ace and king to make the Royal Flush.
by TwitChy December 14, 2003
Top Definition
The best hand availiable in a game of poker (or other games with similar scoring systems) All cards are of the same suit, and consist of Ace, King, Queen, Nave (Jack, for the lower classes), Ten.
I couldn't win, he had a royal flush and I had crappy cards.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004
The physical act of pushing a person's head into the toilet and pulling the chain (or pressing the button, for all you modern cistern types).

Suitable initiation/punishment for freshmen, especially new attendees of upper crust boarding schools (making the "Royal" especially apropos).
So, whatever happened to that young pimply Venables boy we saw around the traps?

I gave him the Royal flush during recess.

Very good, Hawthorne.
by vanderspoor August 26, 2011
When you piss, puke, cum, and shit yourself at the same time
I got so drunk last night that I had a royal flush
by ballsdeep500 April 29, 2011
A phrase that displays the perfect life. (much like "The American Dream") Ace = Children, King = Husband (if female)/ Health (if male), Queen = Wife (if male)/ Health (if female), Jack = Good Job, and the 10 = Good Friends.
Guy1: I see you got a Royal Flush there.

Guy2: Yeah, I got a beautiful wife, loving children, a house, good job and awesome buddies.
by ImperialCody March 26, 2010
When you masturbate on the toilet and flush it when you are climaxing.
You:"I just got a royal flush."
Person:"Dude, I didnt know you play poker in the bathroom"
You:"I don't"
by iamriot January 19, 2010
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