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A non-contiguous province of the People's Republic of China spread across a small portion of northern Surrey, in close proximity to the town of Egham. Admission is granted only through failing foreign language tests or - for native Britons - possessing the requisite number of pairs of Jack Wills sweatpants for white applicants or having consumed fries at the Cranford takeaway establishment 'Rockies' on more than four occasions for those of a darker persuasion.
"I order delivery, King Plawn Fly Lice"

"Where order to?"

"Royal Holloway, Gowar Block F"
by Astro Afriks May 10, 2008
Term for an extravagant act of Sodomy. The 'Royal' element refers to the customary wearing of a crown whilst partaking.

'Holloway' comes about from the abbreviation of Hollow-way.
Howard gave Keenan a Royal Holloway
by Thomas Holloway January 09, 2006
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