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One whom demands to be treated like royalty despite being the most loathsome creature to ever crawl the planet. This person is no stranger to being selfish and egotistical and uses loopholes in a set of rules to sabbotage you. Often times this person will do something horrible for no other reason than simply because they can.

You may find this person as a small forum moderator/admin. Or more commonly as someone given too much power in a social setting and proceeds to abuse it for her/his own amusement.

Typical tell-tale Royal Cunt symptoms include:

-Cowardly decitful tactics
-Egotistical behavior
-Lying with blantant attempts to sabbotage.
-Quoting rules and regulations
-Removal of content despite bringing nothing to the table.
Aki: I'm going to make sure everyone follows the rules making everyone else miserable and I don't care if you don't like it rules are rules and they must be followed.

Brek: Aki is such a royal cunt.
by Brek Laberif September 20, 2013
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