A fine institution ranked best in the world for its superior strength in the academic, athletic and extra-curricular fields. In addition to the handsome student body the institution must also retain an endowment estimated to rival the spending budget of some countries.
There are no Roxbury Latins in Belmont, particularly not anywhere near 350 prospect st.
by Nation Man September 11, 2006
Top Definition
The One True School, Roxbury Latin is one of America's premier academic institutions. It is renowned for producing stellar scholars who display class and character as well as uncommon intelligence.
"Roxbury Latin is committed to a comprehensive philosphy of education: we seek to help our students grow and develop not just academically but morally, aesthetically, physically, and socially."
by Dwayne Johnson June 07, 2006
The worst school on the plantet a nazi institution which strips kids of their individuality to prepare them for a conformist conservative Christian world where they are not encouraged to exist
I was expelled from Roxbury Latin and glad
by Preschool dropout August 04, 2008
n. A sensual act of homosexual lust

adj. Anal
The RL football team is in the closet giving each other Roxbury Latins

Let's get some Roxbury Latin in here!
by DanaSux May 03, 2007
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