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A code of social behavior deemed appropriate in the use of Chatroulette. Frowns upon but not limited to the following: absent webcams, looping videos, dick stroking, unwarranted nexting, repulsive imagery, and failing to uphold 'dick for tits' or vice versa.
You: show me your tits
Stranger: ok, but you have to show me dick after
You: deal
You: great rack, are those things D's?
Stranger: no you go
You: peace
*Your partner disconnected...reconnecting*

Poor roulettiquette
by chrishansen69 February 07, 2010
Proper social behaviors when it comes to spectating or participating in the game of roulette.
"Playing the roulette tables last night was a disaster. Cory threw cash on the table, tried to play $10 on a $20 limit table, then knocked over another player's Corona. He could really benefit from a lesson in roulettiquette."

"Touching your chips before the dealer removes the mark is an exercise in poor roulettiquette. Mind your manners."
by Madjecks February 22, 2012
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