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1. An adjective for a person whose presence is treated as a punishment despite being unavoidable; their attention is undesirable but necessary.
Often used to describe girls who are not wanted but needed for sex.

Guy 1: "What did that chick you had sex with look like?"

Guy 2: "Dude, she was rough-justice"

OR the word can be used to describe the situation.

"She was so ugly but I really needed to have sex. It was rough justice"
by D-Manplaya123 August 19, 2009

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Rough Justice is a white rapper who thinks he will someday be famous

in his mind he is a rapper on BET, in reality he is a misguided youth from great neck, long island
Rough Justice also goes by "RJ" and often sports a doo-rag

his real name is john and he is enrolled at nassau community college
by sinnehc November 14, 2004