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the exact opposite of straight edge.
rough edge kids are such attention throbs they need to make up a new way to think they're better than straight edge kids.

rXe= rough edge.

rxe kids:
-do hard drugs
and / or
-have a shitload of sx.
with random people.

rxe girls are sluts.
by labeling themselves as rough edge,
its their way of asking for rape or sex.
guys know you drink or do drugs,
and when she is on them, guys take advantage of them.

two words: RAVE KIDS
if someone wwrites the word "plur"
on their hand or shoes, they are ravers.

stupid rave kids are all rough edge.

ravers go to raves for three things:
and sex
by garretddd May 31, 2006
Where the end of a man's penis is not smooth but it's bumpy or rough
Kyle's penis is such a rough edge
by Penis lover165 April 29, 2015
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