Deep and Complicated
1.) The Ocean is Quite Roudy
2.) Mozart is roudy

In The form of a sentence

1: Dood what do you think of this new Britney Spears Album?
2: Well it ain't roudy thats fo sho.
by Zak Webster January 08, 2008
Top Definition
in a party mood, (v.) to be roudy, wild
were gunna get a grip of shit and get roudy tonight
by baker, the January 09, 2005
something cool...sweet...awesome
hey man thats a roudy hat
yo dude he got a roudy fuckin truck
that bitchs roudy man
-hey what do you think of these sunglasses...
-respons: those are roudy man
by the adam berry December 05, 2005
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