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A rotwin is a hereto undefined arrangement of syllables that will as of now be used to denote a person with many both admirable and regrettable attributes, thereby generating a great deal of ambivalence.

Generally intended as a masculine noun, it might also be applied to a female in more "liberated" sects of society.
Ex. "Oh Ross, you're such a rotwin; I just don't know what to do with you."

by KaraRabbit August 25, 2006
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B. A desirable but potentially harmful thing. The term finds it’s origins from the German word “rotwien” for red wine, a marvelously tempting substance that none the less can have very unpleasant effects if used improperly or in excess.
"What a rotwin, my but that boy is marvelous trouble."
by Spacegirl_spiff September 02, 2006

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