The best form of rotten fruit/vegetable to throw when a comedian is doing poorly. It's better than rotten tomatoes because, in addition to covering the person in smelly pulp, there's actually a good chance of putting out their eye.
COMEDIAN: So, what's up with the black boxes on planes? Why don't they make the whole plane out of them? Sounds like something George Bush came up with!

SPECTATOR: Dude, shut the fuck up! *throws rotten bananas*

by Little Nerd April 26, 2006
Top Definition
an asian girl/boy that acts black, talk slang, and dresses "ghetto." (yellow on the outside, black in the inside)
1st girl: "Damn, that asian boy acts so black!!"

2nd girl: "Hell yeah, but, damn, i'm feelin his style!!"
by DAYUM-shawdie March 08, 2005
A term used for a school bus that is filled with black kids.
Holy shit! Look at all the black kids on the rotten banana.
by Lukoro May 04, 2011
the opposite of cool bananas, the phrase is said to have developed in scotland similair to cool bananas and has a link to the east coast, a student who usually used the term cool bananas expressed dissapointment and lost for words said rotten bananas and the phrase has spread since. rotten bananas is said when something is not cool, bad news has occured, or dissapointment has happend.
I could not get us tickets to the concert
"awww thats rotten bananas"

My hen just ran away
"unlucky man thats rotten bananas"
by freud guru December 29, 2009
1; a lazy ugly guy or women that just sits on it's ass all day and bitches at random people.
2; a brown or black with yellow banana
look at that rotten banana sitting on that ugly couch
by buttcrackeater July 12, 2011
A black kids' school bus.
I got lost in the ghetto one day around the time the schools were letting out and I happened to pass a rotten banana that smelled like fried bologna and Newports ... Damn niggers
by yaavjndfkngdg June 02, 2011
A penis covered in post-anal sex excrement. (Usually sucked immediately afterwords)
After i fucked her ass, sally sucked my rotten banana.
by BlumpKING July 30, 2004
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