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a synonym for bad news, with unpleasant consequences usually to follow
father: son come here. You bloody report card is here.

son: oh, is it really full of rotten eggs?. if my report card is nothing but rotten eggs, I won't even bother looking at it.

father: in that case, lol, I can take away your allowance. Now, kiss Don Corleone's ring or die.

son: I guess either you eat bacon, or you are wrong.
by sexydimma September 01, 2014
1. to be subsituted for anything
2. ovaries that doesnt work
3. smelly eggs
1. "She's being such a bitch" is changed to "She's being such rotten eggs"
"What a shitty day" is changed to "What a rotten eggs day"
2. Claire can't have babies. She's got rotten eggs
3. I had rotten eggs for breakfast and my breath smell like rotten eggs. What a rotten eggs day.
by Mr. Rotten Eggs February 25, 2008
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