noun: A nasty rotten smelling vagina; A stench that is an instant reminder of the smell of mold. Usually deposits are made often and the woman attached does not bathe often.
"Hey did you see that chick?"

"No, But I could smell her rot-box from down the street."
by Getwithbaby March 21, 2010
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a stinky, smelly, old, wrinkly, snaggily, disgusting pussy. An old warn out rotting vagina.
"Say Tommy, why dont you come over here and pound me." "No way storm hag, I dont want to shove my ween doggie in your rot box!"
by Gooba Gabba January 11, 2006
A vagina of the dirtiest kind, often infected with multiple STDs - with a far from pleasant stench. After an encounter within several meters of a 'rotbox'.... the image that springs to mind is that of a witches face - after being violently attacked with an axe.
can you smell her rotbox?

Her cunt smells sooo bad... Im going to call it a rotbox!

Close your legs Jane!
Because I can smell your rotbox!

Her rotbox is a state! She should wash!
by copyrite August 27, 2009
Leave a sewage fart in the elevator for the next person to enjoy
My coworker enjoyed the rot box I created yesterday in the elevator
by dorf January 10, 2014
San Diego based auto racing team,
Those rotbox guys sure are experienced drivers.
by Stig Jr. July 06, 2010

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