another word for fatties or fat joints
yo bra we meetin up tomorrow and burnin some rosies?
#weed #joint #smoke #your mom #jeff
by johnnnnnnnn December 18, 2007
Can be used when referring to someone who is wasted and blushing/glowing as a result of their intoxication.
Girl 1: "Pass me another drink!"
Girl 2: "I don't already look rosy as hell"
Girl 1 gets on the table and begins dancing*

#rosy #glow #drunk #intoxicated #horny #happy
by p00kie939 January 22, 2009
A complex heightened state of Nirvana, that is rarely acheived unless one is under the influence of marijuana. Often followed by psychedelic vision, and a raging hunger for icecream.
Jazz music, often makes John feel rosy. After smoking large consumptions of marijuana, Devon feels rather rosy.
#synonyms; nirvana #climax #giddy #ecstatic. antonyms; depressed #sad #blue.
by Mr. Sullivan June 01, 2007
Masturbation; refering to your rosy red palm. Made popular by a song back in the 70's.
Well the wife's away for the weekend! I guess it's just going to be me and rosy
by Rosyallday March 19, 2005
2c-t-2, or Chemically 2C-T-2 is 4-ethylthio-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine, with the formula C12H19O2NS. A psychedelic empathogin related to mescaline and MDMA (e)
Man, where can I score some rosy?
by sean January 21, 2005
A general failure.
This website is rosy
by XBAW March 06, 2003
To be extremely cool! GANGSTAAAA lmfao (my defintion of Rosy) actually the complete opposite of gangstaa...(loser wit tha sexy glasses) hahaha (rite Jupaa?) LOL
Dam dat gurls Rosy
"darn that gurls GHEY but chek out her glasses" (sez Jupa) ahahahahha
by ROSY KUMAR March 06, 2003
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