the retard dat never shuts up
biggest fagget
by hu do u dink August 12, 2003
Top Definition
Term for being rejected more than once, and never being able to score.
Damn, this white boy is such a Rossthefisherman
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
well, doesnt he look like that milkdud man? or something? i forgot..
milkduds are good, but ross isnt. he looks like one tho
by jaytee August 15, 2003
AN idiot who gives out his phone number and address to people who instant message him, because he wants to get laid so badly BUT HE CANT 'CAUSE HE SUCKS.
by steffi August 12, 2003
a faggot bastard who thinks he is so cool even though he knows everybody hates him
Oh look, there's a rossthefisherman, let's beat the shit out of him and make him drink his own piss
1. A desperate fag who has no life, no friends, and sucks.
2. A fucker who takes it up the ass.
3. A gay bitch.
Stop being a Ross Schmitt and shut up.
by Steph. August 10, 2003
1.)n. a sign, mark or condition of discrace
(see rossthefishermanatize)

1.)v. to give bad name to, to mark as a disgrace
The rossthefisherman of having been seen with Ross Schmitt.
by ... August 16, 2003
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