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One who is usually referred to as "little", not only in height but also by the miniature size of their feet. One who has such a small penis they can actually be confused with a female.
Why Susie dump his ass?
He's a Ross.
by Swondermazingeous November 28, 2007
39 122
a person who is a hoe that will hurt a girls feelings and crush her heart like nothing else. He will whisper sweet nothings and tell all the lies in the world just to get what he wants. He is the lowest of the low and the scum that no one should pay any attention to. If you see Ross you should run the other way...
Ross: Can I get your number?
Girl: Well, whats your name?
Ross: Ross
Girl: Bye Bye!!!
by meme10 March 27, 2008
56 140
To have spots around ur rectum, that are green of colour
You seem to have ross
by mripley September 24, 2007
34 120
when one pees themself
i was so wasted i rossed.
by Rachelle Brothe April 01, 2007
73 173
a hoe; someone who has been used by many, many times.
Keisha is a ross, she fucked bob, sal, reg and ronny.
by KEIANDRA January 18, 2007
102 217