A girl who needs to turn back into the old rosie bc the one she is now is NO FUN and not the real her. what the fuck..
RM: i've known u forever but when ppl talk shit about you im not gunna stick up for you bc i dont want them to give me shit even tho i know its the right thing to do...ummm no those girls dont influence me what to do
TF: u basically just said u dont want to get shit from them but they DONT influence u? ohh...okay...
by what are u doing May 05, 2005
Top Definition
smartest girl in the world for ditching sophie...sophie's a whore and doesn't deserve friends
SS "Hey rosie! Wanna hang out?Cause you're my only friend"
RM "Eww no you whore i don't know why i was ever friends with you...go find some desperate guy to have sex with"
by asdfasdf May 06, 2005
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