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Those without an social interaction other then a TV believe it is the process of kicking someone in the nuts, due to some episodes of South Park, in which Cartman tricks people into getting kicked in the nuts. The people who believe this act embodies the phrase are not only sadly mistaken, but are naive and childish to have believed a cartoon above life experience.
When walking out to a car before a going somewhere, one might shout: "Shot gun! No rank, no ro, no nothing." Thus designating that neither seniority, nor 'ro sham bo', nor anything else can squander their claim to the front passenger seat.
by menza president February 25, 2004
to play rock paper sissors
lets ro shambo for that pie!
by Jamieeee December 05, 2006
Sport practice in the Thai underground by bloodsport professionals. Often these elite warriors will have augmentations performed on themselves, such as recieving teflon implants, or eurthra enfrocement.
Pat: I challenge you to a Roshambo, winner taks all.
by richardhuntah May 09, 2005
Paper Rock Skizors, its french you retards.
*punches you in the boob*
Ok, my turn... ROSHAMBO!
by PBR June 08, 2004
A game of kicking your opponents balls to settle a dispute between two men.
My roomate Dean and I were arguing about who was supposed to do the dishes, I kicked him once and now he asks to do my dishes for me.
by luke December 03, 2003