An effect presented by mentalist Dave koenig (AKA Slim King) involing Remote Viewing from any distance.
Slim has ROSHAMBOed people from all around the world, like Australia, Kenya, even India!
Slim can Roshambo on the internet or even the phone.
"You will be ROSHAMBOed!"
by J ackalope February 06, 2008
Roshambo or Rochambeau: phonetic French for rock-paper-scissors.
Looser gets kicked or punched in a sensitive place (usually the nutt-sack for guys,boob for chicks)
A brother and sister play roshambo for use of the car tonight. The brother shows paper, while the sister shows scissors. Scissors cuts paper, Sister kicks brother in the nuts and takes off with the car.
by Mike December 13, 2005
Sport practice in the Thai underground by bloodsport professionals. Often these elite warriors will have augmentations performed on themselves, such as recieving teflon implants, or eurthra enfrocement.
Pat: I challenge you to a Roshambo, winner taks all.
by richardhuntah May 09, 2005
Paper Rock Skizors, its french you retards.
*punches you in the boob*
Ok, my turn... ROSHAMBO!
by PBR June 08, 2004
A game of kicking your opponents balls to settle a dispute between two men.
My roomate Dean and I were arguing about who was supposed to do the dishes, I kicked him once and now he asks to do my dishes for me.
by luke December 03, 2003
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