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subburb near sacramento california
see ( hell itself )
by herbie February 01, 2004
A suburb in Minnesota right outside St. Paul and Minneapolis.
Roseville in Minnesota has existed since the 19th century so the other ones can go suck themselves. We also had the first Target ever and MacGyver lived here.
by Eric August 25, 2006
Roseville, CA where people like to flaunt their money and act like they're better than everyone. Also known as "Brosville" for the douches that go to the Roseville bars in their Affliction and Tapout gear, but don't actually fight and can't throw a punch to save their lives.
"I'm a big douche at the Roseville bars" - Blobots
by Roseville girl December 14, 2010
A california suburb that's Hella boring! The only thing to do is go to sunsplash and the mall. All the girls are secret whores and all th guys smoke weed. If you wanna party good luck there's never anything going on it this hell hole town. Also, everyone getting ready to graduate talks about how there going to leave Roseville but no one ever does.
Wanna go to Roseville?

He'll no!

Wanna do something?

Sure, but what's there to do in Roseville?

Ummm nothing! We can go to sunsplash or the mall.
by Rsvlh8ter June 13, 2011
A suburb near Detroit, Michigan.

Also see The Ville
Roseville is a nice name for the city, but The Ville is so much cooler.
by IAMSODOT May 12, 2004
A city in Nor Cal. A place for materialistic snobs to be snobby. Where status is directly proportional to $$$.

aka "Hoesville" in reference to the masses of underage preteen girls who will pretty much fuck anything that looks remotely phallic.

An antonym for Roseville would be "Midtown Sacramento"
"Roseville" - the quintessential example of form over substance.
by wiki-tiki July 13, 2014
A Detroit suburb, also called "The Ville" cuz we b wif no grammar. Roseville is home to the world's largest scene kid population.

The city's main attraction is Macomb Mall, where elderly people buy their granny pants. Other Roseville attractions include the crack house on Galloway Street, the highway ghettos and the Clinton Township City Jail, which isn't actually in Roseville, but it's where most people from the city live.
Black guy: I ain't never committed no crime in my life
White guy: Ayo, ah' cant say the same dawg, I'm from the Ville, that be all we be doin home-boy.

Girl: I'm from Hazel Park
Guy: I'm from Roseville
Girl: Ew, holy shit! Don't rape me!
by --[Jack]-- December 22, 2010
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