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A Rosemariecritsine is a diabolical creature that takes the form of a female human being. You can recognize this monster by it's very large body shape and it's many "bourlets". It is also psychologicaly crazy and thinks it has gutts but doesnt; it just tries to pretend. This devil blorp is also in denial about it's capacities, again, pretending is a big part of their life. At certain point, when pretending no longer does the trick, it destroys itself completely. Leaving no trace of it's discusting and useless existence but multiple thesus and very unsatisfied sex partners because this montrous beast is incapable of sexual intimacy.
"Rosemariecristine is destroying the city!"
-"Are you sick?"
-"yes I have the rosemariecritine syndrom watch out I'm going to write you away from my life"
-"I'm so fat i'm going to cry about it and then eat icecream!"said the rosamariecristine
by bamchicawahwahputenegre May 18, 2008
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