A rosebud is the bud of a rose flower.
It was a beautiful spring morning and the smell of fresh rosebuds was in the air. Then I fucked you mom.
by DUMPTRUCK January 02, 2008
A slang term for a prolapsed anus.
That gay porn star has taken so many dicks up the ass he's starting to rosebud.
by Dodgysam January 30, 2011
a little miracle that occurs when you hold in farts, but your pooper accidentally releases a dollop of poop that is shaped like a rosebud into yer gitch
I hate doing my husbands laundry, he always leaves rosebuds in his manties
by KernalFart October 15, 2010
When someone purposely (usually) or accidentally (sometimes) pushes his or her colon out of their asshole. Can occur from: fisting, pumping, rough anal sex, large anal toy use, for example.
Damn shame; now the shit just slips out since their colon and anal sphincter ("rosebud") can no longer hold it in! Bummer!
by JustMe1963 June 21, 2010
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