really dope, sick, cool
Person 1:That's a sick new car.
Person 2:Yeah, it's rope.
by Hit and Run 22 November 29, 2010
Real organized postgame extra shit
Yo, you about to go to that party after the banquet?
Nah bro I'm about to skip that ropes.
by old chinese mouse December 09, 2013
Meaning you are so bored or annoyed ect that you want to hang yourself
Father:And then the lord said...
Man in Church:Rope

Wife:i told you to take the rubbish out ages ago.
by squarerectangle48 July 26, 2011
Really good, amazingly good, awesome, coool.
All of the above.
Nigguh:thats some rope ass pasta mommah
Mommah:Thanks son we gon' have some rope ass chicken tommorow

White Kid: Thats a rope polo shirt you got there White kid 2
White Kid 2: Skiii Why we got the same names?!

by karlos38 August 03, 2010
Noun. A line of cocaine.
"Hey Chad, where's all the ropes at?"
by Frankie Fish August 08, 2008
Referring to smoking especially marijuana
Lets rope this fat joint
Shut up and rope that bowl
by Icky April 10, 2005
Someone of Afrikaans descent.
Also called dutchman, boer, rockspider, koos, clutchplate, boertjie, afrikaner, japie, sputchie, johan van der walt, burris, plaasjapie, frikkie.

They are called ropes because they are thick, hairy and twisted.
Look at Koos over there. What a rope!
by George McBob April 29, 2009
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