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1. To be Utterly Exhausted , depleted of energy
2. When an object is damaged or appears to be functioning incorrectly
3. To engage in sexual activity
4. Extremely Intoxicated
5. To take Root and begin to grow
1. To be Utterly Exhausted , depleted of energy:
"Hey Johnno - maaaaate, just got home from work.. I'm Rooted"
Chooka: "Hey Davo - wonna go fishing?"
Davo: " No Mate, Just mowed the lawn I'm Rooted"
2. when an object is damaged or appears to be functioning incorrectly:
"The Car won't start - I think the battery is rooted"
"All i get is blue screens - this computer's Rooted"
3. To engage in sexual activity:
"Did you here that Stevo Rooted Jessica after the christmas party"
"Yep - that was after I Rooted Eunice"
4. Extremely Intoxicated:
"Man I had 12 pints at the royal, then Stan fired up a joint, I was Rooted"
"After downing half a bottle of wild turkey, I was rooted"
"Dude that Rooted Me"
5. 5. To take Root and begin to grow:
"Cool - those cuttings have rooted"
by Arthur Stagg October 24, 2005
v. past: To have your computer compromised; to have an attacker gain unauthorized root access.
"Your box got rooted!? Fuck a duck!"
by The Grammar Nazi June 06, 2001
Nackerd, fucked, tired,
1. I got rooted, analy
2. I'm rooted (I'm fucked)
3. I rooted that bitch.
by Winston Wan March 04, 2003
To be extremely high to the point that you are unable to get up and be productive.
Bro, I am rooted to this chair and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.
by 66Shadow September 19, 2011
To engage in sexual intercourse.
So what happened with you and that chick you picked up?
We rooted.
by Decha Project November 05, 2003
1. adjective (adj): Too tired to function properly; related to being overtired, exhausted, fatigued, incoherent, etc.
Roi: "Dude I haven't gotten any sleep lately, I have no clue what I'm doing or where I am. I can still take you home though."

Ron: "NO! You are way too rooted to drive."
by Mac_Attack June 16, 2009
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