The act of insterting your penis inside the girl`s mouth all the way in (deep throating) and your balls would hang out on her chin like a rooster`s red thing under his head.
"I would like to rooster you tonight"
by sobousa May 26, 2007
middle aged, white trash, alcoholic men usually found in internet chat rooms and redneck bars with clucking hens.
The rooster's were all at Sneeky Pete's with the hens.
by SandiW December 12, 2006
big dump, large piece of fecal matter with curled top resembling a roosters raised head feathers.
" dude your dog just had a huge rooster on your rug"
by S. T. Roo August 29, 2007
Extremely hot weather conditions.
Kate: Phew... I'm sweatin' like a pig
Matt: Yeah, it's rooster out here.
by Mellabelle July 23, 2005

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