Smarter than the average man whore
Sara is way more rooster than mike
by GuruJive34 February 19, 2008
Mainly used in Philadelphia, its a slang, derogatory term for a black person.
" I never saw that rooster run so fast after hearing that gun shot! "
by MRAM12 January 18, 2008
A nickname given to those skilled with a sniper rifle in online gaming.
That guys a damn Rooster. I'm like a deer in his scope.
by Doe April 02, 2005
The act of insterting your penis inside the girl`s mouth all the way in (deep throating) and your balls would hang out on her chin like a rooster`s red thing under his head.
"I would like to rooster you tonight"
by sobousa May 26, 2007
some kid that lives around here that will watch for the 5-0 while a deal is goin down, is usually given somthin to actually be watchin for thos crooked sum'bichs.once police is spoted the kid usually makes a signal or somthing, or "crows" like a rooster.
J: hey kid, ill give you this 10 if you rooster up by the corner for me. ay'ight?
by No-fuzz-Cuzz August 20, 2006
An older attractive gay man - usually over 40 who is in shape and looks so good he can land younger guys. Reference Chicken (younger gay male).
Mike is a Rooster! Look at his freaking body...he's hot!
by MiramarRooster March 07, 2008
middle aged, white trash, alcoholic men usually found in internet chat rooms and redneck bars with clucking hens.
The rooster's were all at Sneeky Pete's with the hens.
by SandiW December 12, 2006

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