Someone who is know to have a large penis and uses it to seduce women. Although his greatest physical trait is his penis he is always more intersted in getting money by any {OG} means nessacary
Dino "Dude nick is such a rooster. He slept with three girls last week and is still out {grinding}."
Doug "That rooster is such an {OG}."
by roostersaurus rex October 29, 2008
A drum major of a marching band, a band leader.
The rest of the band members followed the rooster in uniform as they marched the parade.
by Floot January 20, 2012
Gay Hipster
Terry is such a Rooster, that gay hipster totally loves the Cock!
by inkedphotog February 03, 2010
It's a great song by Alice in Chains, talking about the cruel war of Vietnam
Snuffing the Rooster
by Freddy March 10, 2005
Song by alice in chains about his father in Vietnam. His fathers nickname in Vietnam was the "rooster". The song depicts his fathers expiriences and tribulations throughout the war. Yes, this song is not about an actual fucking rooster!
Rooster is perhaps one of the best songs ever by alice in chains.
by DWCpilot April 17, 2006
The act of deficating and vomiting simultaneously
"My shit smelled so bad, it made me rooster."
by Superbigtime April 10, 2006
Rooster-A white male with soul.
That's the little red rooster .
by Goldie Elizabeth June 12, 2008
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