To rooster means to play your music very loudly while driving with your windows down. Much like a rooster crowing loudly to everyone around. Also common to do this early in the morning to act as a rooster and wake others up.
person 1: "Damn dude, I woke up at six today.!"
person 2: " right? It was Jason going around our neighborhood roostering!"
by regretful taco May 20, 2015
Someone who is an absolute plug, lazy, annoying, or who chirps excessively. They try to act tough but they are really just an aspiring girl scout.
Brian: Yo you seen that new kid?
Johnny: haha that kids a straight rooster.

michael: hey buddy sweet shot
Cam: yeah the bench is over there ya rooster
by timmy turner99 June 07, 2014
A girl who is quite promiscuous, that is sleeps around a lot. Originated from the fact that for this girl, 'any cock will do'

of course, cock being not the chicken kind, but the male genitals.
Matt: That girl is hot!

Brendan: Yeh, but she's a real rooster.
by stub004 July 06, 2004
A really hard piss or a strong morning piss.
Billy drank 19 beers and was so damn drunk that he took a rooster all over the bathroom stall.
by Dr. Clif Clif June 05, 2015
the female version of a bromance
romance + sister = rooster
"Have you seen those two lately?" "Yeah, they've got a real bromance going on." "Nah, they're girls. For them it's called a rooster."
by quesocheeseeee December 21, 2012
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