(Slang): A pimp.
That guy is such a rooster. Look at all his chicks!
by Accordion December 11, 2010
Someone who is an absolute plug, lazy, annoying, or who chirps excessively. They try to act tough but they are really just an aspiring girl scout.
Brian: Yo you seen that new kid?
Johnny: haha that kids a straight rooster.

michael: hey buddy sweet shot
Cam: yeah the bench is over there ya rooster
by timmy turner99 June 07, 2014
the female version of a bromance
romance + sister = rooster
"Have you seen those two lately?" "Yeah, they've got a real bromance going on." "Nah, they're girls. For them it's called a rooster."
by quesocheeseeee December 21, 2012
Someone who is know to have a large penis and uses it to seduce women. Although his greatest physical trait is his penis he is always more intersted in getting money by any {OG} means nessacary
Dino "Dude nick is such a rooster. He slept with three girls last week and is still out {grinding}."
Doug "That rooster is such an {OG}."
by roostersaurus rex October 29, 2008
A girl who is quite promiscuous, that is sleeps around a lot. Originated from the fact that for this girl, 'any cock will do'

of course, cock being not the chicken kind, but the male genitals.
Matt: That girl is hot!

Brendan: Yeh, but she's a real rooster.
by stub004 July 06, 2004
A drum major of a marching band, a band leader.
The rest of the band members followed the rooster in uniform as they marched the parade.
by Floot January 20, 2012
A slut!
She is such a rooster! Cock-a-doodle doo any cock will do!
by DJ DCL December 31, 2009

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