some kid that lives around here that will watch for the 5-0 while a deal is goin down, is usually given somthin to actually be watchin for thos crooked sum'bichs.once police is spoted the kid usually makes a signal or somthing, or "crows" like a rooster.
J: hey kid, ill give you this 10 if you rooster up by the corner for me. ay'ight?
by No-fuzz-Cuzz August 20, 2006
Top Definition
A male chicken. As in, a bird that lives on a farm. As in a food animal. One that we eat. Just so I am completely clear.
that rooster is interested in that chicken.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 09, 2006
An uncircumsized penis. Originated from the observation that uncircumsized penis' have extra skin like the skin on a roosters neck.
Jimmy pulled his rooster out of Jordyns ass so quick he left her with a devastating pink sock.
by M Roberts April 20, 2007
Also known as Cock, a Rooster is an exterier organ of the male
Dane loves the Rooster!
by Murph January 05, 2004
The last half inch thrust during doggy style sex. This involves thrusting forcefully with your pelvis and perching up on your toes in order to look like a crowing rooster. It occurs right before ejaculation or to fuck a gay man straight.
I was about to bust so I gave her the rooster.
by JP408 June 06, 2007
A penis
Hey, baby! Wanna play with the rooster?
by Acid Motion December 05, 2002
a male (since girls are called chicks men should be called ROOSTERS)
That is one hot rooster
Hey Rooster, come here
by eminem February 21, 2003
a male genital
he has a big rooster
by tammybettergetthis September 05, 2003
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