Another word for sex.
'Did you get you ''roost'' on?'
by captain_birdseye December 10, 2003
Top Definition
To spend a long time sitting on the toilet.
Marcus likes to eat Mexican food and then roost in the upstairs bathroom for an hour or two.
by RunningFool May 15, 2006
to sit on the toilet for an extended amount of time
That roost was so long that I read two more chapters out of this book.
by T&A May 12, 2006
To throw dirt on people after you pass them on your dirt bike or any motor vehicle
My klx140 just roosted on chase bowen while he was eating fried krispy kremes
by Mult January 21, 2015
Draws from the avian form of roosting. You just lay down as if to take a nap but don't actually sleep. You just lay there to either rest up or to collect your thoughts.
Douglass: "Yo my playah-pimp Abdulai, what have you been doing for the past two hours"
Abdulai: "Oh man I've just been roosting on my roosting-accessible bed"
Douglass:"Why didn't you tell me you were gonna roost!"
by The Guido October 01, 2006
To have sex, or to be in the process of procuring the sex.
My neighbour came to yell at me for being too loud, but I just said I'd quit being loud when he quit roostin' broads at 4 am to shitty techno.
by dunner January 02, 2006
n.The act of sexual intercourse. v.To have sex.
Tonight, I'm gonna sling a roost.
by tek-zer0 August 07, 2010
Verb. To smoke any substance, usually marijuana.

The word is commonly used when smoking bongs.
Roost a p, broo.
by smokeweederrday February 28, 2011
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