A MASSIVE dump. It rivals passing a tennis ball dipped in crushed glass, followed by the contents of the Hoover Dam. End with a satisfhying "dunk" as it impacts on the water.
OH man, oh man, Ive gotta go pinch off a vicious rooskie!!!
by Joe Kelenfy January 25, 2005
Top Definition
A legit as fuck russian person, overall good cunt and looks after his boys no matter what.
Far im so glad we had rooskie there when we almost got jumped last night , we would have been screwed without him
by debit December 21, 2011
Improper spelling of the word "ruskie", which is a racist slur toward a Russian.
"Damn Rooskies!"
"You spelt it wrong."
"Oh shut up you commie!"
"Stop being judgmental. I never said I believed in--"
"Jesus Christ man. Take some ridalin. No wait, don't, uh, for Godsakes take a sedative or whatever. I mean seriously, it's OK to be proud to be an American, but don't let all that pride get to your head. -,- "
by Dave July 06, 2004
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