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A completely legal three way which consists of a male, his female first cousin (or vice versa), and an animal.

Inspired by partially by Franklin and Elanor Roosevelt's marriage, but mostly by the outrageous facts that it is still legal to have sex with an animal in 16 states and Washington D.C. and you can marry a first cousin in 18 states with no limitations, but a gay couple cannot get married in the majority of America.
Yo man, I was with my cousin Maeby last night and some crazy shit happened. She was going down on me and telling me how amazing my cock is and then she starts telling me all about her fantasies. Long story short, we did one of them last night, the Roosevelt. Shit was crazy man!

Did you know that the two most common animals in a Roosevelt are a horse and a daschund?

How much do you want to bet that that couple over there had a Roosevelt last night with their cat?
by George-Michael Bluth February 08, 2012
Roosevelt is one of the few hoods on Long Island. The majority of the population is of course black, and then puerto rican. It is home of Public Enemy and Dr. J. But it has the worst High School on Long Island. If you don't beleive me look it up yourself. If you don't think it's hood just because it's on Long Island I dare you, go up to a roosevelt nigga and say you're pussy and watch what happens.
NYC Kid: Where are yo from?
Roosevelt Kid: I'm from Roosevelt
NYC Kid: You mean Roosevelt Long Island, you a bitch
Roosevelt Kid: Yo Jawaun this nigga said we bitch
Jawaun Word?
NYC Kid: Iyte yo I was just playin I didn't know ya'll got down like that son. Can you let me go
Jawaun: Pop! Pop! DMX Quote "Now its time for bed, Two more to the head, got the floor red, Yeah that niggas dead.
by Trey-Kwon June 25, 2007
One of the few ghettos that got hit hard in Long Island,New York. Mostly inhabited by African Americans and Hispanics. One of the few towns on Long Island that can be considered "Hoods".I have walked through this neighborhood...I don't like to illustrate my own imagination with someone elses...the neighborhood is mostly houses,some public housing can be found on the west side of the neighborhood,Walking down hempstead tpke you see alot of African Americans. Take a walk down one of the sideblocks, what you will 50% most likely see on each block are boarded up houses,urban Blight,although there are some very nice well-moderate kept houses. It is very populated although,which keeps the "isolated areas" off guard...many mexican,puerto rican,el salvadorean,african american gangs flashing there colors...it is just like any other poor,drug infested area. As long as you mind your own business,they should mind theres. Don't believe all the hype.
Flavor Flav and Howard Stern grew up in Roosevelt,New york.
by Y-turn July 02, 2006
1)The thirteenth president of the United States Teddy Roosevelt.
2)The best school in Washington. It is ten times better than Stevens Middle School.
Person 1: "Hey i think I'm gonna go to Stevens this year!"
Person 2: "I wouldn't if i was you, i hear they actually give you homework at Stevens. Roosevelt is the place to go!"
Person 1: "Oh thanks for the warning!"
by Yosneaky March 09, 2008
A slang phrase for an African American.
Tim: "Hey, do you think Barak Obama will get the black vote?"

John: "Yeah sure, because he's a roosevelt."
by C-Dub 305 January 28, 2007