a fat insecnificant blob who likes to play with flutes
hey look theres a rooney
by scott under January 07, 2008
To find fortune from an error or mistake.
I had a right rooney last night, i got a number wrong on my lottery line and won the jackpot.
by Sir Henry Norris February 15, 2011
An ass crease left on a leather sofa preferbly - or similar materials. Also see 'wet rooney'
That fat guy left a huge rooney on the sofa...
by ali wahab March 30, 2007
1 to steal something from a restaurant for home or personal use.

2. to wear an article of clothing for an extended period of time in an effort to save on cleaning costs.

ORIGIN Recent Midwest English : from the television personality Andrew Aitken Andy ‘Rooney’.

In his CBS segment called 'Andy Knows How to Save' Andy Rooney advocates thrifty living by taking dinner rolls, wearing dirty clothing & other socially frowned upon behavior in an effort to save money.
Did you rooney some creamers and sugar for home?

Dude how long to you plan to rooney that shirt - it stinks!
by wandagoner March 11, 2010
Visible dark hair on the upper lip of a woman. A term used to describe a physical trait of a woman, used in the movie Intermission.
She not bad looking except for the rooney.
cat a lipper mustache girl stache Miss stache stache
by William Carlton April 17, 2010
Rooney is someone who is goofy, geek, or ridiculous.
An outrageously stupid thing or person.
Based off of Pepe the king prawn from The Muppets (go to space) because he a skinny weirdo
Rooney is also referred in the music artists:
Rooney (the band) and Rooney and the Gents
Dude, Andrew you check out that guy with the space jam tee?

Yeah man, total rooney
by Roondogz January 03, 2010
verb; the act of doing outrageous, inadequate behavior.
In other words, gettin Dookie wit it, gettin hella crazy, actin hella hyphy az otha people would say it. Also including Destructive, Vandalistic behavior.
Kris P.- Damn that was hella Rooney.

Part of Verse- I get stuwey, dookie, hella Rooney...
by Ezplizti of Roon sQUAD January 26, 2008

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