When somebody laughs but in a high pitch and trying not to show any teeth.
"He had a pure rooney laugh"
by TomDean February 16, 2012
A rooney (noun)
Is another word for a hair transplant and was derived from English footballer/donkey/ogre Wayne Rooney having a hair transplant in 2011
Carl: "I didn't want to be bald so I had a Rooney"
by whiteboy1010 September 18, 2011
A goal, a feat performed by kicking a football into the net.
"Dad look what I can do!" *kid kicks football into net* "I got a Rooney."
by f00k June 23, 2007
a fat scouse bin man
rooney, built like a boxer you say XD luks more like a rice pudding to me
by tommy060289 July 12, 2006
Jacked or stolen. To take something that is not rightfully theirs.

theif (noun)

burglarize, cheat, defraud, embezzle, poach, purloin, ransack, remove, rifle, rip off, shoplift, swindle, swipe, take (verb)

stolen (adjective)
That girl rooneyed our designated parking space. (verb)

Don't be a rooney. You can pay for your candybar in you pocket (noun)

That iPhone on Craigslist is rooneyed merchandise.
by sleeslag September 09, 2011
Another name for an ugly, overrated thug who looks surprisingly close to Shrek. Tends to get violent easily when he is told "You'll never walk alone".
Look there's an ogre coming our way.
Don't worry, it's only Rooney.
by Free Lancer February 22, 2011
rooney To be really stupid or lacking knowledge
Gosh Freds such a Rooney
by Anonymas Stalker January 03, 2008

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