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The occurance of a sexual relationship between roommates (mated, only more intense)
"Did you hear about room 410, down the hall? I head there was some roommating going on?"

"Why did you switch dorms? I thought you and Juan were getting along great..." "Well we roommated, and now things are a little awkward..."
by Laurindsooke June 27, 2008
When you have the misfortune of having lived with a pseudo-psychotic nut job. The widely accepted medical explanation for such behavior are: extreme narcissism, an ironic level of childhood insecurity and/or why-won't-anyone-want-to-sleep-with-me disease.
"Hey did you hear Ron moved again? Didn't he just move into that awesome apt?" "duuuude, you didn't hear??! He totally got roommated man!!" "Ooooh.... FUCK."
by RubbaDubBub October 05, 2015
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