Leaving your facebook account up, allowing any intruder to access your profile. This status usually includes some falsely incriminating statement about the victim.
Why does my status say '@Greg has a small penis?!'"-- "Ooooh.. sorry. Looks like you left your profile up. Rookie mistake.
by cusebofo October 18, 2010
Top Definition
An egregious error (or altogether unwitting, on the other end of the spectrum of awareness) resulting in a response ranging from a harmless prank to serious vandalism (Localized to York, PA)
It was a major rookie mistake for him to leave his car door open!
by Eric Conlon July 23, 2003
Making an ill-informed decision
Rookie mistake; ordering a feed and leaving, trusting that the boys won't eat it.
by paramountpaddy October 04, 2014
Falling in love with a girl prematurely.
"Man! Look at that idiot! He fell for that slut after one night! She totally blew him off!"

"What a fool. It must be his first time with a girl."

"True man. We've all made those rookie mistakes."
by captainc1992 April 03, 2008
The act when someone makes a mistake that is so stupid, he is considered a rookie at it. The person must be called a rookie until the event is forgotten about, which in most cases takes a long time. Sucks for the rookie.
Person 1: Whats a rookie mistake?

Person 2: Thats a rookie mistake for not knowing what a rookie mistake was!

Person 1: Ahh man!
by Im Clever February 24, 2010
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