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Leaving your facebook account up, allowing any intruder to access your profile. This status usually includes some falsely incriminating statement about the victim.
Why does my status say '@Greg has a small penis?!'"-- "Ooooh.. sorry. Looks like you left your profile up. Rookie mistake.
by cusebofo October 18, 2010
Falling in love with a girl prematurely.
"Man! Look at that idiot! He fell for that slut after one night! She totally blew him off!"

"What a fool. It must be his first time with a girl."

"True man. We've all made those rookie mistakes."
by captainc1992 April 03, 2008
An egregious error (or altogether unwitting, on the other end of the spectrum of awareness) resulting in a response ranging from a harmless prank to serious vandalism (Localized to York, PA)
It was a major rookie mistake for him to leave his car door open!
by Eric Conlon July 23, 2003
The act when someone makes a mistake that is so stupid, he is considered a rookie at it. The person must be called a rookie until the event is forgotten about, which in most cases takes a long time. Sucks for the rookie.
Person 1: Whats a rookie mistake?

Person 2: Thats a rookie mistake for not knowing what a rookie mistake was!

Person 1: Ahh man!
by Im Clever February 24, 2010
Making an ill-informed decision
Rookie mistake; ordering a feed and leaving, trusting that the boys won't eat it.
by paramountpaddy October 04, 2014